Meet Councilor Yvonne Flores

Yvonne Flores was born in El Paso, Texas where much of her family still resides. Growing up in a middle-class home, Flores learned the value of family, respect and hard work at an early age. These principles continue to guide and drive her efforts to this day. 

An attorney and educator, Councilor Flores pursued much of her professional life in California before returning to her roots and relocating to Las Cruces in 2005. Where she has become a fierce advocate for her neighborhood, community and the city she loves. An active member of both the Greater Las Cruces Chapter of the League of Women Voters and the Sonoma Ranch Owners Association, Councilor Flores has served on the Boards of each. She is also a member of the Las Cruces Press Women, Mexican American Bar Association, and Latina Lawyers Bar Association


Here are just some of the many tangible benefits that Councilor Flores has helped to deliver (or has helped to secure for delivery in the very near future) during her first term in office:

Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley/Dog Park and other priority Go Bond projects. Good news for good dogs and the good people who love them! Coming soon: the Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley is getting bigger and District 6 is getting its very own dog park. Find more details about this here.

H.B. 285: With Councilor Flores’ help Las Cruces is on track to get its fair share of the $28.2 million in capital outlay projects for Doña Ana County the Governor recently approved as part of H.B. 285 — a $511 million capital bill. Many of which will specifically improve the quality of life in District 6. 


In addition to representing District 6 during regularly scheduled City Council meetings and work sessions, Councilor Flores proudly serves on the key Committees, Task Forces and Boards listed below. Working with community members, fellow City Council members and staff to craft the kind of policy that makes Las Cruces such a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Policy Review Committee assignments

Task Force / Board assignments:

Kudos and Awards

Yvonne Flores was first elected to City Council in 2017. Here are just some of the many kudos and awards Las Cruces has received throughout her first term: